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How Pure Collagen+ Benefits You

Collagen is the prime structural protein in the body. While often hailed for its healthy hair, skin and nails benefit, it is important to note it accounts for a full 3rd of the total body’s protein, making it an important supplement for both men and women. Collagen supplementation can help support joint health, maintain muscle strength and may help support a healthy gut lining too! Pure Collagen+ is a convenient powder suitable for men and women seeking to promote healthy collagen production throughout the body.

Primary Benefits* of Pure Collagen+

10 grams grass-fed bovine collagen formula with silica

  • Antioxidant support 
  • Supports healthy bones 
  • Supports bone health 
  • Supports skin health 
  • May support skin barrier health and function 
  • Helps maintain healthy skin elasticity, thickness and hydration 
  • Helps maintain hair and nail quality 
  • May support joint health 
  • Supports healthy joint tissue, health & function involving cartilage, tendons & ligaments 
  • May help maintain muscle strength 
  • Supports healthy collagen maintenance throughout the body 
  • May support a healthy gut lining 
  • May support normal healing 

Primary Benefits* of Pure Collagen+

10g Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Formula

What Makes Pure Collagen+ Unique?

Signs of aging can mean changes in hair, skin, bones and joints. Age however is not the only contributing factor. A diet lacking in diverse protein sources or missing some important antioxidant co-factors can additionally limit our metabolic potential. Our bodies depend on their natural collagen production to maintain skin elasticity and provide structural support in our connective tissue and muscles and joints. As we age, the production of this vital protein begins to slow down, supplementing with collagen may help this issue. Pure Collagen+ offers a comprehensive grass-fed bovine collagen formula, hydrolyzed into small bioactive peptides that support healthy collagen production and maintenance throughout the body.

Often referred to as a “complex protein,” collagen contains a plethora of different amino acids, including hydroxyproline, which is found everywhere in the body, making it a particularly important component of our diet and often supplementation. Studies show that collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins in mammals as it is responsible for several biological functions. Because collagen is a unique type of protein accounting for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein, it is an essential component of our dietary regimen. Pure Collagen+ is especially unique because it offers 10 grams of hydrolyzed grass-fed bovine collagen which includes not just Type I collagen but also type III which is missing from collagens exclusively from marine sources.

Antioxidants are known for their ability to help quench free radicals, thus promoting the performance of your body’s collagen to work most optimally. While most collagen is hard to assimilate into tissues, hydrolyzed collagen has a higher potential for absorption when pairing it with cofactors like vitamin C, vitamin E and biotin. The combination of specific nutrients may allow your body to generate its own collagen naturally while also supporting the utilization of collagen peptides. Pure Collagen+ is formulated with bamboo stem extract (with 70% silica), acerola, Vitamin C and Vitamin E; each providing antioxidant support and helping to promote the healthy development of collagen. Specifically, Vitamin C is an essential vitamin the body requires for collagen production and has shown to aid in the production of collagen in young and older adults. The additional support of the added ingredient of Biotin, which may be obtained through food or supplementation, naturally aids the body’s keratin production, which acts like collagen in the way that they both support the structural fibers (structural proteins) of the body’s connective tissues.1, 2, 4

It is often assumed that collagen supplements can only benefit women versus men due to their association with beauty products, especially those offering lifting and firming benefits. While it is true that collagen is a great skin health supplement, this does not limit it to a specific gender; collagen’s powerful skin, bone and joint benefits are essential to both women and men’s health. As a matter of fact, studies show that daily use of collagen supplementation may help maintain muscle strength, an important benefit to everyone.

Selecting the right collagen can be difficult with such a large selection available in the market and there is a lot one should keep in mind when making their selection, such as the source of the collagen or if it is non-GMO. Pure Collagen+ is sourced from non-GMO animal-derived grass-fed bovine collagen, so you can ensure the collagen is natural in form; collagen sourced from animals has shown to be more beneficial than eating plant-based foods that solely work to promote collagen synthesis within the body. 3 Pure Collagen+ comes in a convenient flavorless powder, making it perfect for adding to water, coffee, smoothies or your favorite beverage. For optimal results, it is suggested to consume 1 serving daily.*

Offering 10 grams of hydrolyzed grass-fed bovine collagen, plus Biotin to support healthy collagen production in the body.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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What Makes Pure Collagen+ Unique?

Product Classifications

Gluten-Free - The finished product contains no detectable gluten (<10ppm gluten)

Quality Standards - GMP Operations and Standardized Ingredients

Checked For - Heavy Metals, Microbiological Contaminants, Allergens, Potency, Purity and Identity

No Detectable GMOs - The finished product contains no detectable genetically-modified organisms.

Key Ingredients

Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
Collagen is a structural protein (long chain of amino acids) found in our bodies. It is the most abundant protein in the body and has a unique amino acid profile. As such, collagen is a major component of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It provides structure to these areas and functions to hold all these things together. Many people think of it as a “glue” and actually the word collagen comes from the Greek word “kola”, which means glue. There are different types of collagens, but I, II, III are the major types and each can function in different aspects of the body. Primarily, collagen types I and III are grouped together because they are the most abundant and have similar functions. They are best for skin, hair, bone and muscle health. Studies have shown collagen peptides provide numerous beneficial effects on skin by helping to promote skin elasticity, thickness and hydration.

Other research shows the important role of collagen for bone health and strength. Type II collagen is heavily concentrated in cartilage and therefore has been shown as most effective for joint health. However, there is research that shows types I and III also have benefits on joint health. After collagen is absorbed in the body, it works in the various tissues where cells will build the peptides into complete collagen that support the areas that need it – skin, hair, bone, muscle, joint, etc. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides refer to collagen that has been broken down into much shorter chains of amino acids, which creates a form that is better absorbed into the bloodstream. As we age, collagen levels in the body decline, which helps explain the negative changes with regards to skin, hair, bones and muscles. Collagen supplementation is critical for healthy aging because of its unique role in helping to maintain and support the important aspects of skin, hair, bone, joint and muscle health!

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble vitamin existing in 2 forms: tocopherols and tocotrienols. Vitamin E is naturally found in many foods including fruits, vegetables, wheat germ oil, animal fats, eggs, and cereal grains. Known as an antioxidant, one of the major functions of vitamin E is combatting free radicals. Studies show that vitamin E concentrations decline with age, and vitamin E content in skin decreases with exposure to UV light and ozone. When orally consumed, vitamin E is carried to the skin via the sebum produced by sebaceous glands. Studies show that daily supplementation may lead to enhanced levels of vitamin E in skin sites with a high density of sebaceous. One such skin site includes the face, suggesting that daily supplementation may supply healthy amounts of vitamin E to an area prone to the visible effects of aging.

Biotin comes from the Greek word “biotis,” which means life or sustenance. Sometimes known as vitamin H or B-7, biotin is part of the B-complex groups of vitamins. B-vitamins are important cofactors that promote the normal metabolism of fats (which are key players in skin function), carbohydrates, and protein, that ultimately fuel the body. Biotin, in particular, serves as a cofactor of enzymes that catalyze key reactions in fatty acid synthesis and metabolism. Fatty acids are vital for the proper functioning of the epidermis and sebaceous glands, contributing to the barrier and signaling keratinocytes to regulate epidermal homeostasis. Because of its role in keratin production, biotin may contribute to hair, skin and nail health.

Pantothenic Acid
Pantothenic acid, sometimes called vitamin B5, is an essential vitamin, meaning the body cannot synthesize it and it must be consumed via food or supplements. Fortunately, pantothenic acid is found in many plant and animal derived foods. Like other B-vitamins, pantothenic acid is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. It is important for the productions of energy, hormone synthesis, and is a precursor in the synthesis of coenzyme A, which is essential for fatty acid metabolism. One in vitro study showed that pantothenic acid supported cell proliferation and migration, thereby supporting healing. These functions and findings suggest that pantothenic acid may contribute to skin health.

Acerola (18% Vitamin C)
Native to southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, acerola is a shrub or tree bearing pink flowers and deep red fruits. Acerola is a natural source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It is comprised of phytonutrients including phenolic compounds, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids, all of which are known as bioactive due to their antioxidant capacity. Healthy skin naturally contains high concentrations of vitamin C, and reviews show that vitamin C levels are lower in mature or photoaged skin. Similarly, lower levels of vitamin C in the epidermal layer have been associated with overexposure to environmental oxidative stressors. In contrast however, higher vitamin C intakes are associated with a lower probability of a wrinkled appearance. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of the skin barrier and the formation of collagen in the dermis. It also plays a role against skin oxidation and in the signaling pathways of cell growth and differentiation.

Bamboo Extract (70% silica)
Bamboo is a type of giant grass with over 1,000 species, most of which are grown in Asia. Shoots of the plant have long been harvested for food and other purposes. Bamboo is one of the richest natural sources of silica. One of the most plentiful elements naturally found in the Earth’s crust, silica offers positive health benefits. By transporting important nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, silica may contribute to hair health and strength. Studies have shown that silica contributes to nail and skin health, including skin texture. Additionally, silica may contribute to bone health.

Key Ingredients


  1. What is collagen?
    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Collagen provides structure to the body and helps to hold tissue together. Collagen plays a key role in helping to maintain healthy muscle strength, healthy joint tissue, healthy skin elasticity, and healthy hair and nails. Natural levels of collagen produced in the body decrease as the body ages. Hydrolyzed collagen has been broken down into smaller amino acid chains or segments known as collagen peptides. This process improves absorption and bioavailability of the collagen for the building blocks of our bodies.

  2. Pure Collagen+ specifically contains 10 grams of grass-fed bovine-Type I and Type III hydrolyzed/hydrolysate powder collagen, what does this mean for the body?
    There are several different types of collagens. Collagen is a crucial building block of the tissues in the body. Type I and III collagens account for 90% of the collagen in the human body, thus supplementation of types I and III can be beneficial for the body.5 Marine Sources of collagen do not contain Type III collagen making grass-fed bovine collagen found in Pure Collagen+ ideal for skin, hair and nails- as well as active bone and muscle.

  3. Pure Collagen+ is in an agglomerated form of collagen, what does this mean?
    Agglomerated collagen powder is highly bio-available (or easily absorbed by the body) and can be dissolved more quickly into liquids, without clumping together.

  4. Who should take Pure Collagen+?
    Pure Collagen+ is suitable for men and women seeking to promote healthy collagen production for the very best in self-care. Collagen, being the most abundant protein in the body, makes it an essential for both women and men. Collagen production declines by 1%-1.5% in early adulthood, which means our bodies do not produce as much collagen as before. 6 If not maintained, skin loses elasticity (or the ability to spring back) and joints may not function as well. Collagen is what helps joints, maintains healthy muscle strength, and provides skin and hair health. Since both men and women are concerned about maintaining healthy bodies this is good for appearance as well as physical performance during exercise and day-to-day activities. Decreased amounts of collagen may mean you may notice changes in your hair, appearance of your skin, and changes in joint comfort.

  5. Who should avoid using Pure Collagen+?
    If you are vegan or allergic to any of the ingredients in Pure Collagen+ you should not use this product. Pure Collagen+ contains collagen from grass-fed bovine which means it uses animal byproducts. Because it is sourced from grass-fed bovine the product is non-GMO. As with any change in supplementation, consult your primary physician before using.

  6. Are there any collagen products that are vegetarian?
    Collagen products are created with animal sources; this is only to obtain the collagen necessary. While collagen is sourced from animals such as bovine and marine animals, not the actual meat itself. Collagen cannot be sourced from plants themselves but consuming a sufficient amount of plants from diverse plants or leafy greens may assist the body’s production of collagen.

  7. Can my child take collagen?
    Collagen is regarded safe to take. Teens ages 13-19 would benefit from collagen intake since it may support joint health, help maintain healthy muscle, and promote bone health. As with any supplement, we recommend that you talk with your pediatrician before introducing your child to collagen, as each child’s nutritional needs will differ.

  8. When should I take Pure Collagen+?
    It can be taken anytime throughout the day as desired. Take first thing in the morning or before a meal (on an empty stomach) for digestive health, take 1 hour before exercise to assist in muscle and joint comfort, before bed for restful sleep.

  9. What can I mix Pure Collagen+ with?
    Pure Collagen+ has a neutral flavor that can be mixed in water, stirred into coffee or added to shakes and smoothies. Pure Collagen+ mixes best with liquids that are room temperature or warmer without any aftertaste. Adding it to colder drinks may cause it to lump together. Try it in your favorite drink any time of day. 

  10. What other supplements should I take along with Pure Collagen+?
    Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen production. Without Vitamin C the body is not able to create collagen. Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production and maintenance. Taking Isotonix® Vitamin CIsotonix® Women’s Health, Isotonix OPC-3 Beauty Blend or Isotonix® Daily Essentials would support the production of collagen since they contain additional Vitamin C. 

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by Anonymous

LOVE this product!

I put this collagen in my coffee every morning. Won't go a day without it! It makes my skin and hair look so healthy!!!

Response from Customer Service

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your enthusiastic review! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoy adding our Pure Collagen+ to your coffee every morning and that you are satisfied with the positive support it has given you. Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team


by Pahrin AS

HI I'm Pahrin

This is my first time using this product for about a week in a half so far and I'm already being asked if I'm wearing makeup. The compliments about my skin is really over the top.

Response from Customer Service

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience! We're glad the Pure Collagen+ has helped support your skin's appearance. We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled that you've received such lovely compliments. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team


by Bonnie HC

Stylist amazed....

This is the magic powder... Just had 6 inches hair cut... ( I have been growing it since covid) My stylist, who has been working with hair for almost 3 decades, said he was amazed that there was "almost no breakage." He said, " I rarely see that with hair as long as yours." It's not just the ingredients that are amazing. It's how they are presented for optimal absorption.

Response from Customer Service

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Pure Collagen+! We are so happy to hear you are pleased with the product!

Thank you again!
The Product Information Team


by Anonymous

Higher Collagen Content

I love it. Mix it with my morning coffee. The negative reviews state this doesn't mix as well as the liquid format. I'll take the higher quality product with better results and I haven't had any issues adding it to my coffee in the am.It mixes great for me! I love it.


by TinaR

Great value

I was a huge fan of the liquid collagen because it was delicious with my daily Trim Tea. But with this new powder formula, I can honestly say I can see and feel the difference with the higher collagen dose. My hair and nails are stronger and my skin smoother. I still mix it with my morning hot Trim Tea. It dissolves very quickly with stirring.

Response from Customer Service

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Pure Collagen+! We are so happy to hear you are pleased with the product!

Thank you again!
The Product Information Team